Bert Kreischer Daughter: Ila and Giorgia Kreischer Net Worth

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Bert Kreischer is a well-known comedian, but he’s also a loving father to two daughters— Ila and Giorgia Kreischer. And while Bert often shares the raunchy details of his life on “The Bertcast,” he keeps his kids out of the public eye as much as possible.

Ila Kreischer

Ila is the youngest daughter of Bert and wife LeeAnn Kreischer. She was born on July 19, 2006, and has been slowly growing up in the spotlight since then. Ila seems to have no interest in pursuing a career in comedy like her dad — at least not right now.

Ila Kreischer

She’s pretty tight-lipped about her own personal life when it comes to social media, so there’s not much to be found on that front. But she does occasionally make appearances alongside her dad on various talk shows.

But one thing we know about Ila for sure? She’s an extremely talented artist.

Ila and Giorgia Kreischer

Ila Kreischer Arested

Ila Kreischer made a shocking story when she was arrested for underage drinking in his teenage years. It happened on june 2022, when Ila was just eighteenth. The police did not have many details about it but this served as reminder to the public of how difficult it can be to parent a child while under scrutiny by others. Despite this drawback, Bert Kreischer has remained steadfast regardless of whatever happened and he stressed upon how vital it is to learn from mistakes and improve from experience that one goes through.

Giorgia Kreischer

Giorgia is the older sister who likes to keep things private. She was born on June 8, 2004 — two years before Ila joined the family. Although both of her parents are known figures, Giorgia has managed to live most of her life under the radar.

Giorgia Kreischer

She attended school with Ila when they were younger and likely still attends today. Not much else is known about Giorgia or what she plans to do in terms of a career someday.

Ila And Giorgia Kreischer net worth

Bert and LeeAnn seem to have done a great job raising their daughters away from Hollywood (at least so far). They’ve given them relatively normal lives despite their own fame and frequently keep their faces off social media.

Giorgia Kreischer and Ila Kreischer, the two enterprising women with immense social media following, have been captivating audiences globally as they climb up ladder of success. While Giorgia is estimated to have net worth of $500k, Ila comes second with $100k in her kitty. Lets look into the multiple income streams that have contributed to their impressive fortunes such as stock market investments and Instagram sponsorship among others.

Both girls have made appearances on talk shows with their dad before, though neither seem interested in acting or comedy themselves just yet.

The sisters are far from just pretty faces on social media, both Giorgia and Ila also have a great interest in the stock market and have invested in numerous companies over the years. Which has earned them some pretty big bucks, adding to their individual fortunes.

Instagram Posts

Sponsored posts, brand partnerships and affiliate marketing have all become mainstays for both sisters. As influencers they’ve created followings on Instagram that brands are eager to work with, this income stream alone brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Podcast Sponsorships

Both girls run podcasts where they’re able to work with brands similar to those used on Instagram. The two share a similar approach when it comes to pairing up with sponsors, only working with partners who align well with them.


Working together takes double effort but oftentimes results in much more than double returns. By teaming up together they’re able to combine talents and make things happen that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Final Words

Bert Kreischer’s daughters have proven time and time again that they can make it without his name alone. Whether they’re pursuing joint ventures or supporting each other’s individual projects these girls make things happen by trying new things and putting themselves out there no matter what people might say about them!

Having successfully started well by making smart investments in stocks, scoring big deals with Instagram influencers and brands that matter, Giorgia Kreischer and Ila Kreischer’s story is an inspiration for any aspiring entrepreneur. Do they plan on stopping here? At this point their net worth is so high it’s hard not to think: What else can these magical ladies possibly do?

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