Bert Kreischer: The Family Man Behind the Laughter

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Bert Kreischer, the loud and vibrant comedian world renowned for his wild storytelling has a life just as chaotic off stage. Past the outrageous stories is a dedicated family man that loves and adores his wife and daughters. Let’s take a look at who Bert Kreischer is beyond his career in comedy.

The Family Man Behind the Mic

Born Albert Kreischer Jr. in 1972, Bert grew up in Florida where he found a true passion for comedy. His mother Gege worked in early childhood development and father Al was a successful real-estate attorney. Raised with love and support, Bert’s values of hard work and family still follow him to this day.

Finding Love and Partnership

In 2003, LeeAnn Kemp became LeeAnn Kreischer when she married Bert. She is an accomplished actress and writer herself but serves as much more than just a spouse. LeeAnn co-hosts their podcast “Bert Kreischer: The Machine” with him where they give listeners an inside look into their lives while offering hilarious relationship advice from time to time. The couple does joke about breakups on stage but make no mistake, their love for each other couldn’t be stronger.

Family Members

The addition of Ila and Georgia brought new life to the family after Bert had established himself as one of comedy’s most beloved stars – though he rarely shares what goes on behind closed doors, there is no doubt how much of a great father he is by the stories he occasionally shares on stage.

LeeAnn Kreischer

LeeAnn Kretcher isn’t just another pretty face in front of the camera – she has her own talents that have allowed her to carve out a name for herself within entertainment industry. Her wit pairs perfectly with Berts humor which is why they decided to start their podcast that has become so popular today.

Ila Kreischer

Not too much is known about Bert’s eldest child Ila as she prefers to stay out of the spotlight – with that being said, Bert occasionally shares stories about their father-daughter adventures on stage which proves he is a great dad.

Georgia Kreischer

Bert Kreischer

LeeAnn Kreischer

Ila Kreischer

Georgia Kreischer

The fans that know who Georgia Kreischer is were lucky enough to witness her comedic talent at such a young age while she appeared alongside her dad on stage. You can tell she has a future in comedy just by keeping up with what Bert posts online.

Bert Kreischer Life Behind the Laugh

There’s no doubt that life around the Kreticher household is filled with laughs and good times, but it’s also important for all family members to feel supported and understood. Bert spends a lot of time on the road building his career but ensures his family gets all the time they need from him. This includes attending their sporting events or just enjoying a quiet evening at home.

A Family Bond: When The Fun Stops

Family Bond

It’s not easy juggling your career and personal life especially when one part seems so chaotic (comedy). There are many nights Bert will give thanks to his wife LeeAnn and daughters for their love and support because he knows without it, he wouldn’t be half as successful as he is now.

In conclusion, Bert Kreischer is known for his wild stories and grand experiences, but the real reason he’s so funny is because of his family. His parents have always been supportive, and now that he has a wife and daughters too, it’s turned into one giant support group. That’s the love he brings on stage. And they’re what allow him to face the world with his unique brand of laughter and heart.

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